Ugly Customer: self-titled EP


This is the 6-song EP debut from "Pittsburgh" streetpunk outfit Ugly Customer. The members are actually from places like Beaver Falls, Zelienople, and Cranberry, but hey, whatever. I guess it's easier to relate where you're from to people if you pick the closest city with an NFL team. But none of this has anything to do with the music.
The music, in fact, is a high-speed blast of female-fronted streetcore, with more snot and sarcasm than John Lydon with a head cold. The whole thing is over in less than 12 minutes, which is far from a bad thing, and with song titles like "Clit in the Pit", "Rotten", and "Useless", how can you go wrong? The tight, yet ultra-simplistic, musical end of the songs are the perfect backdrop for singer Naomi's "sometimes-I-sing-and-sometimes-I-scream" style of vocals.
You want comparisons? Think Devotchkas meets Distillers. I know those are both cliched comparisons for all-girl punk bands, but trust me, it's pretty accurate.

--Sam Sinister

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