Nightmare Mode: "The" EP

*Not the actual cover art.


Nightmare Mode is the weirdest band I've ever seen. And I don't even think it's on purpose. As individual people, the members are surprisingly down-to-earth, albeit with a wacky sense of humor. They have no problem with having their picture taken. Singer Ammo, when I asked him if it's "safe to say your vocal style is the product of multiple personalities", looked me right in the eye and replied "yes."

Wait, let's start over.

Nightmare Mode is amazing. Some songs have guitar, some don't. Danny, the bassist, is like Matt Freeman and Lemmy's crack baby. And if you close your eyes, you'd swear the drummer, Nikki Nightmare, was a drum machine. They all have an unhealthy obsession with Sting. Oh--!! Did I forget to mention the mannequin heads? Sally plays Doom 2. She's made of synthetic materials, and has no body to speak of, but she plays Doom 2. Creepy, eh? And the songs! they have many, many songs which they play in front of people at a fairly consistent rate.

When you put this CD (which I believe the band has probably handed out, so far, at least 300 homemade copies of personally for free) into your stereo or personal computer, you may not see footage of Apollo 13, but you will hear some of the most original music ever. The band describes their sound as "post-rock", but there's definately a heavy punk influence in there. My favorite songs, in fact, sound like hardcore streetpunk in the same basic vein as Krum Bums or the Virus, with the exception of Ammo's voice, which sounds something like death-metal meets Steve Perry. No, wait, that's not a good description... fuck it. "Out of the Blu", the song with the video that got deleted from MySpace for having "too many copywrite protected images", is probably my favorite track on here, as well as the title track, "The", but the real standout track is their cover of "Message in a Bottle" by the Police. It's very danceable. Guest guitarist and close personal friend to the band, Hanz Olo, tears through it with a Sting-inspired fury. I dare you to talk shit on this song. Go ahead, I DARE YOU. Yeah, I didn't think so.

You should go subject yourself to a Nightmare Mode set. They'll make you into a believer. Join the cult. Fuck the Red Team.

--Sam Sinister

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