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The House of Awesome in Mentor (pronounced Menner) is, well, awesome. I went to the show there just before Halloween. The line-up was As the Blossom Eats the Butterfly, Deaf By Arms, Damn Handsome, Masakari, Hellkite, and Nightmare Mode.

Though I didn't get to catch As the Blossom Eats the Butterfly or Deaf By Arms's sets (I arrived somewhat late), they've both got some great songs on their MySpace pages. Check 'em out.




Unfortunately, the cops showed up outside while Nightmare Mode were setting up, so they didn't get to play (that's punk rock for ya). I managed to get part of a drunken interview with them before all this though, but little did I know that the batteries in the tape recorder were nearly dead. The whole thing was probably incoherent anyway.

Parts of the exchange I actually remember:

(To Ammo) So is it true that you live in a storage locker?

Ammo: (laughs) What?? No, who told you that I live in a storage locker? (laughs some more)

Fuck, I don't remember...

Ammo: No, I've slept in there before, though. That might be kinda cool.




Cuz when I first heard you guys I thought you were just straight punk rock...

Nikki: Punk's definately one of our influences, but it's not the only one...

That's cool... Who are some of your influences specifically?

Nikki: Pretty much any drummer I've ever heard, it's all over the place.

So, like-

Nikki: Everyone.

okay. (To Danny) How about you?

Danny: Hmm? What about me?

Who are your influences?

Danny: Matt Freeman, Matt Freeman, Matt Freeman.

So who's the biggest Sting fan here?

Ammo: (laughs) Is that a real question? Do you want us to fight over it?? (laughs some more)

Nikki: I am!!
Danny: No, it's MEEEEEE!!!
(everyone laughs)





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Damn Handsome was a good time. They renamed themselves for this show (which was, coincidentally, also their first show), and told everyone they were Goddamn Handsome, as the singer/guitarist Alex WK was looking very black metal with black and white face paint and a long black wig. the bass player was dressed as Marty McFly, then later put on a werewolf mask (good joke), after Alex cast the "lupin curse" on him. The music was pretty good too. Basically sloppy bubblegum punk with a heavy-sounding guitar. The band has no presence on the web other than Alex's MySpace page.

I didn't see much of Hellkite or Masakari, since I'm not the biggest fan of crusty shit, but at some point, while taking a piss, I heard one of them covering "Take 'Em All" by Cock Sparrer, so of course I went back down to the basement for that. Pretty good version, too.




Man, I'm becoming very disillusioned here tonight all over the place. I find out your name isn't really Ammo, you don't live in a storage locker... do the mannequin heads really have A.I. in them??

Ammo: Yeah, oh yeah. That much is true...

Cuz I had this image of you in my mind, like you were this potential Charles Manson-type cult leader guy...

Ammo: (laughs) Well, thank you, that's kind of a compliment actually.

Would you say that your vocal style is the product of multiple personalities?

Ammo: Yes.

(To Nikki) So do you guys consider your music "punk"-

Nikki and Danny: Post-rock.


Nikki: Yeah.
Danny: yeah.




What is the obsession exactly..?

Danny: What isn't??

Nikki: Yeah, c'mon, really.

Ammo: (excited) Well, let me put it this way, when you watch [random video or concert footage I wasn't familiar with], and he looks at the camera, and does that little thing with his shoulder, there's your answer right there!!

(everyone laughs)

Ammo: Nothing compares to that!

And so on. I also spent quite a stretch of time with Ray Zen of the band Deaf By Arms, talking music, the Menner scene, open-mindedness, and hip-hop(???). Good guy. Most of that was lost to history as well, what with the faulty batteries and all.

All-and-all, a very fun night. By the way, The House of Awesome actually is a house, inhabited by Alex WK, Uncle Bad Touch, and Sleazy C, bassist for Deaf By Arms. I'm not sure if they book shows unless one of these bands is playing it, but hit one of these guys up sometime to find out. Later.

--Sam Sinister

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Special thanks to Ray Zen for clearing up a massive amount of my misprinted wrong information.