Just Some Stupid Old Head


by: Jonny Kunt
New Castle, PA

Okay, you know what really grinds my gears is these little hatchling punks (i.e. kids who think they know fuck about fuck), going around preaching to the choir like they know anything. I'm 26, and even though I'm engaged, have 2 kids, and work a decent paying job, I still live
paycheck to paycheck. Most people who look at me nowadays wouldn't think I'm much of a punk (even though I listen to some of the most obscure shit out there! Just ask Sinister), just because I don't follow the "dress code" that the punk genre seems to have tagged to it. I don't go thrifting like I used to, don't wear Silver Tabs and Independent and sure as fuck don't patch the fuck out of my clothes. To those who still thrift, God bless you!

Now before the "punk police" get a splinter up there asses, let me further explain. These kids who rip on all the other kids who wear Abercrombie or American Eagle and buy pre-torn jeans and shirts with big-ass logos printed on them, these are the same kids who run down to there local "alternative" store (Hot Topic in particular), and buy what? Pre-torn jeans and shirts with fucking logos on them! That reminds me of a saying: People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones! I personally hate Abercrombie and Hot Topic alike, and yes, haters, I do own some American Eagle clothing, given to me by
a friend. Does that make me less "punk" because I don't dress in clothing that is for the moment, and because I don't dress in what the so-called "scenesters" tell me how to dress?? Fuck that!!! I've been listening to punk since 1993, and going to shows since '95. How the hell are you gonna try to say I listen to newbies (and some old-schoolers) because it's the new fad and next big trend??? I'm happy wearing my North Carolina hoodies and my Wal-Mart jeans and my $25 Airwalks from Pay-Less, and I could care less what these assholes think. I still wear my
parody shirts and normal shit, but HEY! Even I like to look nice now and again!

I thought the whole point of punk rock was to not care what the mainstream thought. T-shirt and jeans, plain and simple. The point was not to become another trend.

Let's face it, people. Punk has become a uniform, just like new wave, disco, glam, classic rock, grunge, metal, etc. But who the hell am I, I'm just some stupid old head who's not with it!!!

This is Jonny Kunt, signing off. 1/24/08

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