Crowd Deterrent VS. CREEPOUT (split) - SOSF WORLDWIDE, VOL 1

Crowd Deterrent VS CREEPOUT (split CD): SOSF Worldwide, Vol. 1

2007 Hard-Ass Records

Split CD between Youngstown's Crowd Deterrent and Tokyo, Japan's CREEPOUT. I'm still fairly new to the hardcore genre as far as knowing my shit, but this is definately hardcore, and of the punk variety. Both bands are pretty similar sound-wise, escept CREEPOUT might be slightly more metallic (double kicks, the odd technical guitar fill here and there). Overall, though, I think I can safely say that CREEPOUT are kinda like the Japanese Crowd Deterrent. Both bands are awesome. Probably more in the NYHC and midwest style. All I can compare it to is Sick of It All, Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, etc. Newer stuff I listen to (or at least casually) that's along the same lines is stuff like Integrity and, in the case of CREEPOUT, Blood For Blood. What can I say? It's fast, hard, loud, and undeniably pissed. I'm diggin' it.

The whole CD presents the same general style (fast, heavy punk, with shouted/screamed monotone vocals, and youth crew backup vocals), except CREEPOUT's "Can't Tell No One" (which almost sounds like Oi! at first), and a couple thrashier songs like "Fuck Your Heaven" and Crowd Deterrent's "Live For Revenge". Not too much of that down-tempo stuff I'm not too fond of here. Thank gawd. There are a few new-school breakdowns, but it's tolerable. Most of the 13 tracks are straight-up in-your-face circle pit numbers, none of which are allowed to reach the 3-minute mark. There's even a live CREEPOUT track ("Flexibilty") with the line "Flex your head!!" (paying tribute to Minor Threat's Ian MacKaye), and an old school rap during the breakdown.

If you're not into new school hardcore, but wanna be, and you're from the area, this might be a good place to start.

--Sam Sinister

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