SPENSER: are you ready to EMO?
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I got an email last week...

Blasting out from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, is the melodic modern rock band Spenser. Forming from influences from the likes of : New Found Glory, Fenix TX, Relient K, The Starting Line and Finch; the boys of Spenser are young and ready to rock. With all members of the band under the age of twenty, they are merely at the beginning of what will surely be a long career in the world of music. Spenser has been together for approximately a year and a half. The band is made up of four crazy kids, each bringing a different plate to the feast that is Spenser. Doug Brofman, (Guitar and Lead Vocals) sings his powerful yet melodic vocals that come right out of the microphone and find a spot right in your heart. R.J Rishel ( Guitar and backing vocals) is possibly one of the most energetic people you may ever see, with stage presence only exceeded by his talents as a musician. Between his incessant jumping, singing, joke telling, and over all crowd pleasing, he manages to play some pretty sweet guitar as well. Next up we have the ace of bass, with the pretty face, Mike Nelson (Bass Guitar, backing vocals). Mike manages to hold down the backbone of the band, go crazy on stage, tell a few jokes, and still maintain that pretty face. Women want him, and men want to be him. Finally, we have Jake Coco (Drums and backup vocals) . As the youngest member of Spenser, the 18 year old usually ends up being the voluntary blunt of all the jokes at shows. With influences ranging from Buddy Rich, to Travis Barker, you never know what this kid is gonna do next. Managing to hold down the rhythm of the band while singing into his Brittany Spears wanna-be headset mic seems like an easy task to this drumming prodigy. Featuring four part harmony unduplicated by any band of their style, Spenser makes for a crazy live show that will make you laugh, cry and maybe even jump up and down for a little while. They have brought this live show to all the clubs in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton Ohio, as well as all over West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, Delaware, Maryland and North Carolina, even managing to play a few dates on this year and last years Vans Warped Tour. They have released a full length on Blindspot records this august which has been selling like mad at local shows, through mail order, and even in some stores. They have gotten radio play on many college stations and a few Commercial stations in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, and New York. "Spenser's debut cd, All Signs Point to Maybe, has 11 great pop-punk songs that you, your friends, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your grandma and every one can listen to and still be happy." -Craig from Clevelandpunkscene.com So keep your eyes, ears and noses open, because you never know when the boys of Spenser are coming to a town near you.



well, isn't that LOVELY? what a cute little introduction to what i already anticipated to be a mediocre, if not completely SHITTY, pop band. i went to MP3.com, just to give the boys a chance, and here's my full report:

"coping with continuation"

well, as if the title wasn't any indication, this song is pretty lame. it's labelled as "power pop", but it's more or less "pop-core" (complete w/ emo-style chorus). think of just about any band on fat wreck chords. i mean, it's nothing new. there's not even anything revolutionary about the way it sucks. so, you get the idea.

"declaration of apathy"

this simultaneously reminds me of blink 182 and Lit. in other words, it's pretty gay. this oughtta be on the soundtrack to some yuppie teen summer flick. pop punk at its worst.

"the long goodbye"

what in the motherfucking HELL?? this doesn't even HINT at punk rock. this is no-holds-barred top 40 poopy. can i get an amen.

spenser is like the kinda shit you'd see nicely-dressed, good-looking, wholesome kids drinking wine coolers bouncing around to while their parents are away for the weekend. they're gayer than homosexuality. if you see these guys on the street, point at them and say, "hey! aren't you SPENSER??" And when they say "yes" tell em to blow you. chances are they will.

if this is the "feast that is spenser", make sure you bring a barf bag along. gimme a fuckin break, "ready to ROCK"?!? haha, BULLSHIT.

FUCK YOU, Craig from Clevelandpunkscene.com, who the fuck wants your grandma to be happy?? i think they SUCK, and i'd be a whole lot happier listening to PRINCE than these little bastards. so take your opinion and stick it in your asshole.

sorry, Tiff, old gal. wasn't exactly my idea of a good time. why don't you try PUNK PLANET, i'm sure they'd eat these guys up like candy necklaces and shit.


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