dog shit
sergeant sacks

As i was walking down the street to get the mail in my neigborhood, i
noticed that there was a pile of dog shit on the sidewalk.  I dont know why but i went over to inspect this pile of waste.  As i sat down i began to wonder why i was taking so much time out of my usless life to look at shit.  after about ten minuites of pondering on the greatness of the shit, i got up and proceeded to get the mail, and i thought to myself, "hey wait a second, looking at shit didnt waste my time at all.  i'm a loser, and i dont have a job, or any parties to attend, my life is shitty...  and by looking at that pile of dog crap i just added unto my experience of life!"
final thought:
theres many things in life that can reveal things to us.  for me, it was a
pile of shit. for some, it could be a melon, or an old episode of the brady bunch. no matter how small or useless these things may seem, if they reflect your life and make you happy, its never a waste of time.  And remember, when monkey biscuits get rotten, dont bang an elephant even if youre stranded in the dessert.
Until next time, this is sergeant sacks saying, "thats the end
of that chapter".
good night.