about the editor
Sam Sinister, creator or this piece of shit site, is starving for attention. That's why he does it. Don't let him tell you otherwise. Oh yeah, he'll go on and on about how his "intents are pure", how he just wants to "promote good music", but really he's doing it for attention. That and free shit.
So give him some free shit.

NAME: Sam Sinister

DOB: 10/16/1980

LOCATION: New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA

CURRENT FAVES: ramones, swingin' utters, dead boys, the queers, the lemons, murder city devils, dead milkmen, first donnas album, the dwarves, the cheats, the virus, the casualties, riverdales, nekromantix, the cramps, elvis (1956), eddie cochran, the sonics, horrorpops, agnostic front, the hives, the oppressed... just what i've been listening to the most lately.

CURRENT MAJOR PROJECTS: playing guitar (poorly), singer for DEAD CITY DEALERS, co-founder of Zombieland Productions. I'm just gonna stop putting anything about my occupation. It's just not worth it anymore.

LIKES: punk rock, rockabilly, garage, early rhythm & blues, bubblegum (only punk bands are doin this shit now!!! what the shit is THAT shit?!!), cartoons, porn, cheeseburgers, whiskey, cigarettes, nachos, stand-up comedy, toilet humor, guitar, snotty lead singers, cider, safety pins, cheap wine, punk shows, and ramen.

DISLIKES: useless political discussions, hippies, snow, baggy pants, warm beer, top 40 deejays, brussel sprouts, emo, guitar players who play like theyre jerking off, nu-metal, robert plant, singers who sound like robert plant, people without a sense of humor, liberals, conservatives, and the little brain thats inside my penis.

For more info, go to my MySpace page.