the ramones: "adios amigos"

Radioactive Records

The last album by Joey and the boys wasnt as bad as so many people made it out to be. As a matter of fact, I enjoy it what the fuck was everyones problem?? I happen to think it was a HELL of a record!! The first track, I Dont Wanna Grow Up, a Tom Waits cover, sums up how I think all of us feel most of the time. This is frequently on my playlist

Makin Monsters for my Friends is pure fucking punk rock. Its got the Roadrunner riff for christsake!!! Have a Nice Day was one of those nice people-bashing songs we all love so much. Scattergun and Born to Die in Berlin are both REALLY great rock n roll songs. What more could you want?

Sure, most of the songs where C.J. sings sound strangely like Black Flag, but is that really so bad?? Black flag got cred, or am I mistaken? Other than that, its classic Ramones. All thats different is that these are new recordings. Half the songs were written by Dee Dee, but hey leave this record the fuck alone. When the big revival was going on, the Ramones HAD to put their 4 cents in. Wouldnt you?

Reviewed by Sam Sinister.