the living end: s/t

reprise records

these guys kick ass!!! they fuse rockabilly and pop-punk, with a little "white boy" reggae thrown in for good measure. and theyre CATCHY as all hell! they kinda sound like a punk version of the stray cats, and alot of the riffs remind me of X. they have some psychobilly influence too (on the cover the guitarist/singer has a rev. horton heat autograph on his guitar), but they dont sound anything like the cramps...

i was supposed to catch em live as the opening act for green day's warning tour, but me and my friend got lost in cleveland's slums for an hour, so we only got to hear their last song being played as we neared the amphitheater. oh well. maybe next time.

they have that old school influence i always look for when i hear a new band. the band is from australia, and since aussie accents sound so cool anyway, it gives the singer a great style. alot of mean riffs and catchy chorus lines. the bassist plays upright, adding to the rockabilly sound, and the drummer is right there with him. there's even a swing-esque instrumental track at the very end. im not usually into guitarists who show off, but in rockabilly it's fitting.

this is one of those few great corporate bands that come out of the woodwork once in awhile. if you like your punk with some bop in it, check out the living end, and get ready to sing along after the first chorus.

reviewed by sam sinister.