did you know that you can contact OUTSIDER webzine to be ON STAFF??  that's right!  now you can have YOUR say, too!  send any of the following:
* rants or essays
* pics of bands, shows, punks / punkettes, etc.
* artwork
* interviews
* reviews of CD's, tapes, records, etc.
* reviews of movies, books, or zines.
* stories you wanna share
*  links to your site
* suggestions
* anything else you think we might give a shit about (even though we probably won't!).

Hey!!!  you KNOW you can send me shit that ISN'T street team bullshit right?  like maybe some reviews and stuff?  i really dont care about your friend's band that i've never heard of.  i mean, i'll check em out and shit, but seriously...  i want someone to really bitch about something, or share a funny story or something.  please.

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