g.g. allin: "hated in the nation"


I already had most of the songs on this CD, but I figured why not splurge a little? I mean, just the fact that I can listen to GG and skip to whatever track I wanted was well worth the 12 bucks. And theres live interludes between the songs, and lots and lots of liner notes to read while I take a shit so yeah, I think it was a good buy. Its all the classic GG stuff you love: horrible recording quality, disgusting and make-fart-noises-while-the-teachers-back-is-turned lyrics, bad words, and clips from the Texas Nazis show in Dallas (pretty much any live clip you hear of GG fighting with the audience is from this performance). Okay, the music doesnt start til track 3, thats cool What the fuck he was doin in the second track is beyond me shootin up? Jerkin the gerkin? Who knows. But it was somethin I wouldntve wanted to be in the room for.

Songs I found myself skipping past:

Blood for You, a song where he proclaims himself as jesus christ and its really fucking SLOW

Drink Fight and Fuck. Not my favorite version of the song.

Ten Year Old Fuck, a song about fucking a 10 year old (duh). Just fuckin disturbing.

Other than that, this record is THE SHIT. The man was ruthless. Everything from masturbation to oral sex, STDs, and anthems about being a complete dirtbag. He covered all the bases. And he was SERIOUS about it. This was candid GG Allin, as he always was, and I wouldnt give it up for the world.

Reviewed by Sam Sinister.