green day: "kerplunk"

lookout records

recorded in 1991 and released in 92, it's green day's second LP (actually the first recorded as a full length, their first release was a compilation of ep's and singles), "kerplunk". i used to think this was their worst album, but now that i look at how many of the songs on this CD i love, i'm gonna have to say i was wrong.

the album kicks off with one of my faves, "2000 light years away", a song billie joe wrote about his girlfriend (now his wife), who he met while touring.

the original version of "welcome to paradise" is on here too. can't say which one i like better, but as i've said before i like to hear alternate versions of songs.

"christie road", another favorite of mine is a mid-tempo serenade about "the tracks at christie road". great vocals.

"dominated love slave" is takin the piss out of hillbilly, with funny lyrics about S&M. great song to listen to with your grandma.

"words i might have ate" has a minimalist rock 'n roll sound, with no distortion. great sound. i wanna hear a band who actually sounds like this. the dual vocals add a great touch too.

the last 4 tracks are from a 7 in. EP on SKENE! records. "sweet children", whose title is taken from the band's original name, "best thing in town", and "strangeland" are all good punk songs, but what i'm really interested in is their cover of the who's "my generation". this is one of the best cover songs i've ever heard! there's so much energy here it's sick. just the fact that the CD ends with this song and begins with my other favorite makes me give it 5 stars.

i always said my idea of the perfect album is a great kick-off, at least one cover, and an energetic ending. well, this one certainly didn't let me down.

reviewed by sam sinister.