the donnas: "american teenage rock 'n' roll machine"

the donnas

lookout records

now this is right up my alley!!! finally, REAL rock 'n roll... the donnas are definately one of the best bands out there now. there honestly isn't one song on this LP i don't like. every single track ROCKS my ass. songs about teenage lust, kickin ass, and partying!

"you make me hot", checkin' it out", and especially "leather on leather" have the same sex appeal that made bands like AC/DC so popular. there's also alot of songs about just partying in general, including the title track, "rock 'n' roll machine".

so many of the songs remind me of both the dolls and the ramones that i don't even know what to say about this album other than just THAT. if youre a fan of either band, you'll like this album. it's nothing that hasn't been done before, but the donnas do it so well.

i read an interview with them somewhere before where they aso listed KISS as a major influence (then again so have the clash). and theyve also been compared to the cramps, although i can't see how.

look, just do yourself a favor. check out the donnas. they might not be very punk as far as looks go, but you can tell they've grown up on the same bands as the rest of us. this isn't corporate rock, this is genuine TRASH. no overproduction, great lyrics, and the attitude is definately there as well. so give em a try. you won't be disappointed.

reviewed by sam sinister.