starting a band
rants o' plenty

well, my rant this time is:

for the last couple of months I've been trying to start a band, and to be honest I thought it was going to be easy. How hard is it to get 3 to 4 people together to play music? I don't know either.

it's do to the fact that people aren't serious about playing or that there just lazy. It's fucking frustrating when I do meet somebody because at first they seem all gung-ho and ready for the world, so to speak. Later on though complications start to follow; how can i get a ride to practice, i gotta work 80 fucking hours this week, i have to be in court that day, so on and so forth. Then i get the assholes who say "oh, i play drums", and/or "i play bass", and then don't have the insturment to play. What happened to getting friends together and playing music for christ-sakes!!!

i am also utterly sick of people who at first say, yeah let's play punk or rock and roll, for that matter, and then makes it complicated by saying, let's play a little metal, or add some industrial or techno to the mix. Why make it complicated? Why not make it raw and fun like it's supposed to be? Why does everything have to become so much work and perfect? I wish i could find people that listen to music (not nescessarily punk) thats played raw, fast, emotional, fun, energenic and when you're done playing, satisfying? Why is that so hard? Can somebody answer that question for me? One day it would be great to find people that share the common goal, play music and not make excuses.

well until next time folks...

later retards and future leaders of america

Jonny Kunt a.k.a "big sweaty nuts"