rolling stones: "black and blue"

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well, judging from the first song on the record (ironically titled "hot stuff"), i'd say the whole thing sucks. let's go to the next one...

"hand of fate" - nope. didn't grab me.

"cherry oh baby" - hey, this is a little better! white guys playing reggae is much better than white guys trying to play funky soul.

next track... ew. nevermind. onward.

"hey negrita" is probably the most accessible song on here for me so far. pretty good beat, the riff is kinda sloppy and trashy sounding... not too bad.

"melody" is also pretty good, it's a blues song, and *yawn* tolerable. you know, despite this album's good songs, it still sucks. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? i mean, the good songs actually become mediocre when you encase them in shit. course, this was released in '76, so theyd been together for , like, over a decade already. and everyone knows that all the best bands only stay together for 2 or 3 years and become legendary.

OH CHRIST!!! what IS this shit??? let's try the last one...

hmmmm. alright, just let it play a moment. nope. complete shit. sorry boys, you let me down with this one. good thing i got it at the library or i'd be pissed right now.

DO NOT buy this album if you're a fan of the early stones!!! you will kick yourself in the ass! heed my warning!!! no wonder they had to release it themselves.

that's enough out of me for now. good bye.

reviewed by sam sinister.