iggy and the stooges: "raw power"

raw iguana


here it is, arguably the DEFINITIVE punk rock record. it's the famous and infamous iggy pop and his band the stooges! not too many people have been able to release a rock 'n roll record this RAW and at the same time brilliant. even after countless mixes and remixes (this is the reissue, newly remixed by iggy himself in 1997), the production remains unclean in the most beautiful way. oh yes, from the energetic "search and destroy", to the subtle filthiness of "your pretty face is goin to hell", the trashy, bouncing beat of "raw power" to the hard blues of "i need somebody", this shit is HARDCORE, brother.

even though i wouldn't exactly call them "mellow", there are 2 songs on here that are a little (and i mean a LITTLE) softer. "gimme danger" and "penetration" are both a bit more midtempo than the rest, the former almost having a doors influence and the latter sporting a metal riff and xylophone.

the album ends with what i think might be my favorite 2 tracks, the rockabilly-esque "shake appeal", and the longest track, "death trip". both songs, along with "your pretty face..." and "search and destroy", epitomise the overall sound of the stooges during this era, as well as punk in general. any self-respecting punk should have this album in his library. how else can you call yourself a punk without at least one stooges record?

a ramones record. yeah, that's it. that's how.

reviewed by sam sinister.