the B-52's: "time capsule... songs for a future generation"

fuck all their sites!


the first song on here sucks. bad.

but after that, it really picks up. mostly punky pop music, some have a little too much of the "pop" part, but overall this is a pretty good album. i'd even go so far as to tape most of these songs. let's separte the good ones from the bad ones...

good songs:

52 girls

rock lobster


private idaho



bad songs:

everything else.

okay, so maybe it's not MOSTLY good songs, but i didn't realize until just now that this was kinda like a "best of" the B-52's. for all you trendy fucks out there though, there's 3 songs on here you might recognise:

"love shack", "roam", and "good stuff". so have fun.

anyway, from what i hear, before "love shack" came out, they were a pretty good band. luckily, i got this at the library for free so i wont have to sell it or throw it out the window.

reviewed by sam sinister.