weezer: the green album



kinda sounds like the blue album, but not really. i mean, it's good and all... but it's kinda like they were trying to make history repeat itself, like copy themselves. the covers are similar. the sound is similar, but a little more evolved. the production just isn't the same as the blue album. they made the drums louder. which is usually a good thing as far as i'm concerned, but it's just not the weezer i remember. they sound even more "grunge" than they used to on the single "hash pipe" (still a decent song though)... well, not really grunge so much as radio friendly. does that make any sense? i mean i know theyre a "radio" band, but they were never really like anyone else, they were just weezer. this song sounds like it would fit it good with anyone else on top 40 alternative radio stations nationwide.

"island in the sun", the albums other single, is one of those "too slow" songs i hate. not that i hate all slow songs, but it's just not very good. it's boring. might be fun to play at band practice or something, but it's not something i wanna put on at home.

overall, though it's another good release from weezer. there's only 2 songs i still didnt like after the second listen, "island in the sun" and the final track, "o girlfriend". other than that, i think if i owned it, this could become one of my favorite records. the only thing that really hurts it is the cleanliness of the whole thing. it just sounds a little like they sold out, though it's probably just more of a growing-up/evolving musically thing.

reviewed by sam sinister.