jon spencer blues explosion: "extra width"

matador records
alas, behold the wonder and beauty that is jon spencer blue explosion's EXTRA WIDTH.  this is pure trash.  i mean in a good way.  i can't make out most of the lyrics, but just the sheer sound of each and every song is enough to make you wanna whip out your dick and shake it.
the guitar solos dont have one ounce of pretense to them, they last only a few seconds, and theyre louder than the rest of the instruments!  that's ingenius!!!
the songs tiptoe around a multitude of styles including blues, garage, soul, punk, and rockabilly.  theres even a bo diddley-style song!  yet they all hold up together as a solid album.  somehow, they all tie together.
some lyrics i could actually make out:
"gonna treat'cha like a step child", "face-down baby", "mothafucka", "what if one of us should forget", "i got the gee-tar work" (repeated over and over again), "six 'clock, seven o'clock, eight o'clock, COME ON!!!  ...that's when ya GOT somethin", "damn!  that's a waste", "it's a big big LONG road, costs about 14 dollars", "it was around exit number 4, i got pulled over...  a cop said come into the woods with me, boy.  that's bad.  BRING IT!!!!!"
so as you can see, this is a pure dirtbag we're dealing with here.
the thing that really hooked me into this band is jon spencer's vocals.  there's jerry lee lewis, lux interior and jim morrison in there.  and that's good enough for me.
if you come across this one get it.  smoke a joint and play it in the background first time through.  you'll never be the same.
reviewed by sam sinister.