me first and the gimme gimmes: "have a ball"


fat wreck chords

this is fuckin weird shit. i've heard of this band for something like 5 years now, heard a few songs here and there. the band includes NOFX's fat mike on bass guitar and some guy that kinda sounds like a parody of that fucker from bad religion. Me First are a little better than both those bands, however, but only because they do nothing but punk covers of pop songs from the 60's to the 80's. they still use the typical "new school", fat wreck chords-style sound, but for some reason it works (in this case).

this band is a fucking joke. i mean intentionally. at the end of almost every song the singer cheers for his own band, in the typical rock star "yeah!!!" style, but repeatedly and over-enthusiastically. and the songs they choose to cover weren't the coolest songs in the first place.

they give "uptown girl" the weezer treatment. "sweet caroline" , "me and julio down by the schoolyard", "i am a rock", "seasons in the sun", and "rocket man" end up sounding exactly like almost any band on epitaph's roster. actually, to me it sounds like a parody of your typical pop-core band. i think i may actually like this shit. stop me before i go out and buy a millencolin CD.

reviewed by sam sinister.