some fucked up shit

that's a healthy one

Ok here's my story. One day in late July of '02, I got sucked into a pot smoking attitude. By that I mean my life was going to shit and weed was my escape. I am sure that you are all aware of the term "getting the munchies" well that's what I had. I ate everything and anything I saw, then get high again and pass out shortly after only to wake up to do the following over and over. I ate so much that I gained 5 pounds in two days. My favorite thing to eat when i got the munchies was Dairy Products. that's anything like icecream milk cheese blah blah blah... well I didn't know at the time but i am sort of a lactose intollerant person. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's when you get real bad tummy aches and often diarreah. Well one day after me and my dude had gotten very high, I was sitting on his lap and just watching tv like a vegitable. I all of a sudden got this undeniable urge to fart. and soon to be unforgettable too. Because when i lifted my leg to let out what I thought to be a little tootie, I took a nice long wet doodie. much to my supprise he hadn't noticed. As stoned as i was trying to figure out how to get up without him getting really sick and vomiting took me about 10 minutes (which i thought was only about 1 1/2) it had already started to stink real bad. Right after i figured out what i was going to do, i heard "hehe was that you?" thinking he knew what had happened and he was just not bothered by it, i ran to my bathroom to clean up. as i was washing myself off i hear "that fucking bitch shit on me!!" he came running upstairs banging on the door wanting to wash off as well. i don't want to say anymore nothing that bad has ever happend to me before or after the incident. this is not a dairy lecture, it's your body do whatever you think is right. just dont shit on anybody!

-your friend (the informer)

Ambierto Sanchez