Straight Edge


by: Sam Sinister
New Castle, PA

First off, I'm not straight edge.  You could call me "drug-free" or "beer edge".  Or you could just call me Sam.  Whatever the case, I do drink, I do smoke, I do fuck, and last but not least, I can fucking think.  And I'm still kinda "out-of-step" with the world.

I wrote this song, which my band plays, called "Beer is a Necessity".  The lyrics are as follows:

You say it's time to play, well first thing's first
Been awake all day and I got me a thirst
The straight edge kids say it's not true
But when it's time to go, I know what I'm gonna do

I'm gonna drink, drink, drink, drink
Cause beer is a necessity, beer is a necessity
Sobriety ain't got no pull in the world of punk rock 'n roll

You say your body's your temple, I don't give a rat's ass
It's not a bad habit, it's working class
A 40 ounce and I'm ready to go
Cause what we do before and after the show

We're gonna drink, drink, drink, drink...

Well good times come, and good times go
When I get a couple in me let the good times roll
We're just a buncha rowdy punks comin' to your town
And if there isn't any booze we're gonna burn it down

So let's drink, drink, drink, drink...

Although I'm not one of those guys with the X's on his hands, I still don't do drugs.  The most I've done is smoked pot, and I had my little battle with diet pills, but that's all water under the bridge.  The shit just doesn't interest me.  It's too expensive, and it fucks up your brain, your body, your motivation, and your self-esteem.  I can't even handle weed.  I highly doubt that taking anything else would be a good idea.

And dispite the lyrics I write, I do have respect for the straight edge community.  It's those assholes who walk around at shows smacking beers out of people hands that I can't fucking stand.  You don't wanna drink?  Cool, man.  Leave me the fuck alone.  I'll do what I please.  The same goes for the anti-smokers (straight edge or not), who feel so fucking threatened by my "second hand" smoke that they jump all over my shit any time I feel so inclined as to light up.  Trust me, the smoke coming out of my mouth is no different from the exhaust coming out of your friggin' SUV.  Fuckface.  And I don't wanna hear that bullshit about "second hand smoke being more deadly" than the smoke I'm breathing in.  Bullshit.  They claim that it's more deadly because it's "not filtered".  Sure it is!!  It's filtered twice, first by my cigarette filter, then again by my lungs.  Anyway, grow up.  This shit's getting rediculous.  I'm not a fucking terrorist because I smoke.  I just enjoy throwing my money away.

I've met plenty of "sXe" people out there who were completely tolerant of other people's lifestyles.  And in return, I'm always respectful of them (i.e. not blowing smoke in their face, standing at a distance if I do wanna have a smoke, seeing whether or not it's cool to bring beer with me to their parties, etc.).  I mean, if you're not gonna be a dick, neither am I.  But if you think you have any fucking right to tell me how to live my life, or try to "convert me" or "open up my eyes" to the dangers of blah blah blah, save it.  You sure as hell ain't gonna save me.  I'm a grown-ass man.  I don't need your fucking approval.

Chances are, you won't catch me at a show where the headlining band's "got the edge".  I'm not that stupid.  But I'm also not gonna be a cock to someone who's completely cool just because they refrain from certain extracurricular activities.  And I still enjoy a good Minor Threat record now and again.

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