SON OF A BITCH! (Things that piss me off...)


by: Homicidal Halle

Lake County, OH

Not in any particular order:

- People who don't have a band anymore, but leave the page up and say that they are in a band.
- Trying to put up a picture on MySpace and no matter what you do with the coding it won't fucking work.
- When a company sells you website hosting shit and then they can't figure out how to make it work after taking your money.
- People who want me to look a certain way that I don't feel.
- Losing my iPod / having it stolen.
- Kevin Bacon.
- Haters.
- People who think they are sweet because they live in a shit town identical to every other city in Ohio.  So... haters.  Get over the fact that your life sucks and try being nice to someone.  Maybe then it won't.
- People who steal.
- Crackheads.
- People who cheat on their significant others once a clearly monogamous relationship has been established.
- Hair extensions.  What the fuck is that anyway?  Lame.  Grow it yourself.
- People who decide to compromise their inner artistic values or ideas so that they can be acceptable in society.
- Pedophiles.
- Fat people who eat themselves into a chair and can't get up again.
- Bleeding out of my vagina once a month.
- Things that keep me from getting unique jobs where I can look the way I want, like my tremor or panic attacks.
- Babies.
- People who read blogs so that they can bitch about people writing blogs.
- Coleslaw. ehhhhh.
- If you write something on a piece of paper because you obviously don't want to say it aloud and then the person you're trying to communicate with reads said paper slowly and retardedly aloud when you give it to them.
- Religions.
- Maggots that half-ate my cat alive.
- Doing laundry.
- Tabloids.
- People who read tabloids.
- Zombies not existing YET.
- Never being able to go into space.
- People who take ideas that have been around FOREVER and pretend that they came up with it, then if someone else does it they say that the person is copying off of them.
- Verbal and/or physical abuse from those who are close to you.
- Not having large tits.
- The Lord of the Rings movies/books.
- Harry Potter.
- Living off of the government's money (even if that sounds fun to you).


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