Interview with Alex Kennedy from Rotten Reason.

Rotten Reason are a bunch of snotty little pricks. And they know it. Listening to them conjures up images of over-crowded basements, circle pits, loitering, and illegally-obtained 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor. they sound alot like early Therapists (RIP), A Global Threat, or your "happier" sounding Casualties numbers. Members of a new, younger generation of rustbelt punks, Rotten Reason may just be a vision of the future. Ironically, they sound alot like the past.


Please introduce yourself and what you do in the band.

Alex Kennedy. I've been in Rotten Reason for about two years and I sing lead vocals.

Your new 7 inch is titled Piss Off. What made you decide to go with that title?

Well, it's not going to be a 7 inch anymore, Piss Off is going to be an EP, releasing all the songs on our [MySpace] player. We're callin' it "piss off" because we're pretty fuckin' upset with punk music in the Cleveland area, and there's only a few select bands that we appreciate. All the other bands can just fuck off.

What's up with the new "metal" intro to "Poverty"?

Zack learned it on guitar and we just kinda winged it one day and we used it. It's more of a joke than being serious.


How much does Oi! music figure in to your sound?

We're huge fans of NYC hardcore and streetpunk and the working class punk scene. So we try to incorporate that into our music as much as we can.

On your MySpace page all the influences you list are other Clevo area bands, and even then, only bands around your age. How important do you think it is for people to be supportive of their scene?

It's more important than anything else! Without the locals we know and love there would be no more punk scene. And we really do love all the Cleveland punk bands who stay true to what they do.

What do you think of the term "local band"?

I like the term local band. 'Cause that's who we look up to.

Is Zach Morris your guitarist's real name?

Yeah (laughs). He's fricking hilarious. He's got three key essential punk features: He's fat, he's dumb, and he's a punk.


You've been talking about releasing a full length in February. Should we look forward to brand new songs, or is this just going to be more new recordings of the 4 songs you've already put out 3 times now?

Oh no! We're releasin' 22 tracks, the only old songs that're going on the full length are "Where Were You", "Lost In It All", and "I Need Out". All the rest will be completely new and not heard before.

Who's your favorite Cleveland bands, past and present?

Our favorite is the Riot Boys, they're the best. And old Cleveland bands that we all look up to are The Fuct (R.I.P.), The Mukrakers (R.I.P.), and we're real big fans of 666ick.

What would you say is the purpose of your band?

That's easy, to keep punk alive, and to do what we love.

What does the term "punk" mean to you?

It's a way of life, punk don't mean being an anarchist and drunk 24/7, it means livin' life to the fullest, doin' what you want, when you want, and not backing down to no one. Punk runs in our blood. There's not a day I wake up and don't think about punk.

Who would win in a fight: Mister Clean or Mister Rogers? Mister Clean or Brittney Spears? Brittney Spears or Moonchild?

(Laughs) Moonchild would kick everyone's ass.


What do you think of bands who don't make their songs on MySpace downloadable?

Well, it's a double ended sword, I guess. Not making 'em downloadable makes kids have to come to your shows and buy your CD (cha-ching!), but a lotta kids don't even go to shows, so it's a lot harder to spread your music any further than MySpace.

Give me your best insult.

You're a douchebag poser who sucks at life.

Aww. That's cute. What was your first word?

"Dre-Dre", which means "refridgerator" in baby talk.

Any last words?

I just wanna say that in this punk scene there's too much fuckin' drama. People just need to quit. Stick together for once and be a part of something. And my final quote, "Just be yourself".

--Sam Sinister, 1/27/08