Interview with Jordan of the band Positive


How'd the name "Positive" come about?

At first it was the result of a Bob Marley/311 obbsession phase, and we were just all about being happy. But now I think the name's evolved to a lot more. To me, it basically means striving for a positive change in whatever it is you're doing. For us that's just being the best people we can be and trying to relate our feelings and opinions through our songs. As cliche as that sounds I guess it's true.


Are you starting to head more into an acoustic direction?

Umm.. I don't think we're heading into more of an "acoustic direction". It's more like, if I write a cool song on acoustic guitar and we all like it, then we'll record it. I like acoustic guitars though. Who knows, maybe we are. I don't know. Ziggy has been writing really awesome songs recently. I am really looking forward to playing them and such.

Do you guys do your acoustic stuff during your regular sets, or do you do "full band" electric versions of them?

Nah, we don't do acoustic stuff live, nor have we made any electric versions of acoustic songs. It'd be boring for Ty and I'm afraid we might ruin the songs if we tried to change them.


Who sings on "Promised Land"? He's got kind of a crooner thing going for him.

I do! I'm not really sure if crooning is good or bad, but I try my best to hit notes and such. Ziggy says I'm getting better. One time at a sleepover he said he hated my voice a lot and it hurt my feelings. Besides that one time, he's very very very nice and stuff. Great guy, lemme tell ya.

Who all's in the band? How old is everyone?

The Ty drums. Steve plays bass. Ziggy plays guitar (all the lead fancy shmancy shit you hear), and I (Jordan) play guitar as well (nothing fancy about that). We're all 15 except Ty who's 13, and we all sing except Ty.


Describe your sound to someone who's never heard you before.


Your MySpace page has shitloads of influences from each member. Who are some of your common influences (that all the members agree on)?

I'd say probably Against Me!, 311, Anti-Flag, Rage Against The Machine, and NOFX. But we're all into different stuff though.



What's the funniest thing that's ever happened at a show?

I don't know, one time we chased Moonchild around and tried to kiss/tickle him. That wasn't the funniest but that's all I can think of right now. At our first show we had three guitars and played Smells Like Teen Spirit and Scotty Doesn't Know. Watching that video is hilarious.


Who writes the lyrics? What are your songs about?

I write them. Our older songs are straight political (isn't everything political?), and listening back I think they kind of sound ignorant. I don't want people to get a "fuck the government, fuck the world, fuck cops, punk punk punk!" message from our songs. It's more than just "being a rebel" or whatever, we've really read/learned a lot about the world we live in and I think when I try to jam those ideas into a song they come out sounding like a stupid little kid trying to copy off of Anti-Flag.
Now our songs are about everything. But in my opinion, still political. Everything's political, I think.

Say something positive about Joey Moonchild.

We bash on him a lot, but he's really nice. That's as far as that goes.

Who are your favorite bands in the Cleveland area?

I really like most of them. The Riot Boys and us are really great friends, so I love them with all my heart. But besides that, Two Hand Fools, The Sidekicks, Delay, No Target Audience, Asinine, American War, Cross The Rubicon, Ghost Town Trio, and Tarantulas Attack! are really rad. I'm sure I'm missing a couple, but all those bands are great and super nice.

Who or what is Positive's arch nemesis?

Umm... Mean people and everything that goes along with being a mean person? Ziggy's dog farts in his bed.

Which is better -- pizza or chinese?

Vegan pizza I guess for me. That's a wierd question.