R.I.P. Ehren Sinister (Nobodys Hero)

Ehren Sinister

Ehren P. Daley, AKA Ehren Sinister was the singer of the band Nobodys Hero. He was also a long-time member of the Pittsburgh punk scene, the loving father of two sons, and a patriot. He was well liked and/or loved by everyone who knew him.

I didn't know Ehren, but I did meet him once outside at a Casualties show in Pittsburgh. He was the one and only punk at that show who would give me and my friends the time of day and talk to us. Everyone else seemed really cliquey and isolated. Not Ehren. I shook his hand asked him what his name was, and When he told me, I made a joke that we were related. He even laughed, even though that was probably a really stupid joke. But from a five minute conversation I could tell this guy was friendly, warm, and definitely a true punk.

The following is what Ehren wrote for the "About Me" section of his MySpace page. I got permission from Scott Dailey, Ehren's close personal friend and the guy who maintains Ehren's MySpace account (along with Ehren's girlfriend) as a tribute and memorial, to reprint it, because I think it's really well-thought out, insightful, and intelligent and I think everyone should read it. I don't necessarily agree with everything in it, but I don't need to agree with something to respect and honor (and even fight for) someone's right to say it.

Read it over, and make sure to check out Ehren's page and be sure to add him to your friends.


So then, about myself: I am the vocalist for the punk band Nobodys Hero, I have been dedicated to the punk scene for almost 20 fuckin' years, and I don't have that "More punk than you attitude", because for one, it's silly, and second of all, noone gives a fuck. And what I have witnessed over the years is the people who are "M.P.T.Y." usually end up leaving the scene saying "punk is dead", and it is... for them.

I don't look down on younger punks. I am a full supporter of "all ages" shows, as I was also once a 14-year-old punk, wishing I could get into some bars to see a show, but was unable to. I think some older punks forget this.

However, I do see some younger punks who are also fans of stupid shit such as Judas Priest, and this I don't understand. In the 80's punks and metalheads hated each other, and those bands are just silly anyway. I hate metal, always have, always will (of course Motorhead is always the exception).

Speaking of metal and punk, there are entirely too many labels: "gutterpunk", "streetpunk", "drunk punk", "pogo punk", "pop punk" "peace punk", etc. IT'S ALL PUNK. All these bands advertising themselves sound like a menu or recipe book:

"Excuse me waiter, I would like the gutter punk platter with a side of street punk, and a dash of pogo punk with just a hint of 70's punk, and a piece of peace punk pogo pop pie."

The struggle for identity for most younger punks must be difficult or confusing with all the different "flavors" of punk to choose from. JUST BE YOURSELF!!!

Another thing that irritates me are these vegan, "I don't bathe, and I hate the President and his war" punks. Personally, to me you're all just a bunch of new age hippies, which brings me to President Bush. This impeach, anti-Bush trend is ridiculous! Personally, I think we have had worse Presidents (such as Clinton), and I applaud Bush for not re-signing the 10 year ban on assault rifles. Bush supports the right to bare arms, and the fucking U.N. is pushing to unarm America, which is a horrible idea. I heard these anti-Bush hippies protesting in NYC, saying "Bush is a Nazi, he wants to become a dictator", well the first thing the Nazis did was unarm the jews, rendering them defenseless. Totally the opposite of what Bush did. In a nation where over half the population is armed, a dictator will not succeed.

And yes, I do support this war on terror, because these terrorists don't give a shit if you believe in peace. Even if Bush wasn't the President, and we were not taking action, they would still be doing what they are doing now because they hate us "infidels", and if you recall, we were not at war at all when 9/11 happened. I was in D.C. when this happened, just 2 miles from the Pentagon when it got hit, and this rumor that "Bush is doing it for money" is all a load of shit. I even heard people say Bush was behind the attacks, which is the most ridiculous conspiracy theory I ever heard!! It's actually kind of funny that people are stupid enough to believe this.

All I can say is Clinton was worse. Remember his Vice President, Al Gore? Remember the Dead Kennedys and why they were forced to break up? Because of the P.M.R.C. They were facing fines and prison time for "contributing harmfull material to minors". The P.M.R.C. was headed by Tipper Gore, the ex-Vice's wife. The Dead Kennedys spoke of things that were corrupt in our nation and apparently struck a nerve and needed to be silenced, so freedom of speech was shit on by the P.M.R.C. and years later the same people who said "fuck freedom of speech" almost became the leaders of this nation, Bush vs. Gore... And then the whole recount in Florida that Gore pushed for had me scared, I will say that if Bush paid anyone off (which he didn't) during the recount, I am glad he did, because Gore would have fucked this country up. Hell, he don't even give a fuck about freedom of speech, the right to bare arms or even the Constitution for that matter!

I am not saying Bush is the best President this country has ever had, but he sure as fuck ain't the worst. I love our country, and of course there are things about the government I hate, but it's not the government's fault, it's the citizens! If something is fucked up in the government blame yourself, either (1.) for not voting to have avoided it or (2.) for voting and putting the people in charge of fucking shit up. I have noticed most people who bitch about the government don't vote, and the people who say "voting does not change anything" are fools. You should vote first in your local government, city, state, then federal government.

And, yes, I do vote. If there is something you don't like or agree with in the Federal Government, wearing your stupid little "He is not my President" (BUT HE IS) t-shirts and protesting won't do DICK, so do something about it! Vote, or run for some kind of public office yourself, or go to public town hall meetings, because anything else (1) no one cares about and (2) it's a waste of time.

Anyway, you can disagree with me, that's your right as an American. And if you say I am not punk for my opinions I will say FUCK YOU because punk is having your own opinions, and also I am not conforming to your anti-Bush fad. Besides, since when are there rules for being punk anyway? Soooo... you can tell me your opinions, but personally I don't give a fuck what you think. I can't change things for you anyway, so don't come crying to me like a little kid. I am not your father, and I don't go bitching to people who hold a different paradigm than myself, because it's a waste of my time.

And I don't agree with the saying "America: Love it or leave it", I say "America: Love it or change it". Get involved, if you really care, if not then SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

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