"Ultra-Modern Throwback"


by: Judy
New Castle, PA

I never wear panties.

Not for political reasons,
like so many women in the 70's,
who burned their bras
in protest of the staples
that women's undergarments put on them.

I don't because I'm lazy,
and I don't need the extra step in the morning.

I don't want to get married.

Not because I don't want to be tied down,
like so many women in the 50's,
who literally couldn't have a life
without a man in it.

I just don't want a child,
the responsibility of having to answer
to someone over every decision that I make.

I don't need to lose weight for power.

Not like so many women in the 90's,
who scarfed and barfed to prove they had self control,
and to beat out their fellow sister,
pound for pound, proving who is the stronger woman.

I want to lose weight because
I want to be able to shop
in the "normal" clothing stores (5,7,9).

I enjoy wearing business suits.

Not like so many women in the 80's,
who donned shoulder-padded power suits
and strutted around the office,
proving they could be just as
tough and dependable as the next man.

I wear them because I love
the androgyny it makes me feel,
as though you just can't quite pin-point
why I turn you on, and whether or not
you may be gay.

I don't own an i-Pod.

Not like so many children of the millennium,
who walk around with buds in their ears,
and feel powerful that at the
stroke of a finger they can listen to any band,
anywhere, anytime.

I don't because it makes it that
much more special when I find one copy
of an album I've been searching for
for years.

I take it home, I put it on, and I listen.

I pay attention and I remind myself, over and over,
that this is a privilege.