Interview with artist jade anderson


jade anderson (who claims she deserves no capitals in her name) is in a category all her own. Armed with a computer, two children, and a "stuck brain", she creates some of the craziest images and writings you'll ever see or read. I had a conversation with her recently, in the wee hours of morning about... well, EVERYTHING and nothing, all at once.

Hi, Jade.

What's going on.

I need a cigarette. You got a cigarette?

Arrrr! (laughs) NO, thankfully I quit.

Must be nice... So how are ya?

Eh, I'm okay... You?

Not too bad... I gotta warn you, I'm really bad at doing research for interviews.
I usually do it during the interview, actually.

That's cool, not sure how I am, so... yeah.

Seems like you've done some spring cleaning on your profiles since I last looked at 'em...

(laughs) Yeah, I do that from time to time... but I have all the info (somewhere) and blogs, which are not too much fun.

Anyone actually paid for your blogs yet?


(Laughs) People suck.

Yeah, well, I didn't expect it [to happen], but it'd be neat.

I thought it was a really good idea actually. I put up a music store on my music profile a couple weeks ago and no one's bought any of those either...

Yeah, people comment non-stop and write me messages about them, so I thought maybe somebody [would have] 5 dollars [to spare] but apparently we're all poor...

Yeah, it's true, there really is no middle class anymore... there's only filthy rich and dirt poor.

For sure... very true. I hope to be fithy rich, but that takes something that I guess I don't have.

Yeah, like lack of morals.

Yeah. For sure. Shit.

So, this interview's gonna be all over the friggin' place, 'cause my thoughts are kinda fragmented and random and all-over-the-place random.

That's cool. I'm pretty out there.

So, I'll get off topic and come back to stuff and... yeah. Bleh.

Cool. I get pretty out of hand with [all of my] profiles, nobody gets them...

Yeah but, it seems like you know what you mean, so it's cool... (laughs) I mean, you seem really confident, and it's more like whoever reads your writing might feel like maybe they're just dumb, not that you're necessarily crazy...

Yeah, I'm crazy, and most people are dumb (laughs) but I am a little crazy, and pretty much rely on the rant... I rant.

The feeling I get when I read your blogs is the same feeling I had when I tried to read Naked Lunch. Like, "Man, I must be an idiot..."

No, no... I try not to do that, but fuck, I do. I'm uneducated and stuck in my brain. But I don't read [books], so what's Naked Lunch?

Oh, Ummmm... This beatnick writer in the 50's, William S. Burroughs, wrote it. You might actually be able to get through it, so if you ever come acrossed it, pick it up. It's basically about heroin, from what I could gather...

Sweet, I just watched Trainspotting and it was about heroin.

So what kinds of art do you enjoy doing, or what kinds do you get inspiration from?

I love doing all of it. I love painting and making pottery, but those things are too messy and time-consuming for my life right now, not to mention that they take a lot of time, so currently I just spend hours at my computer (like most of us do anyway) and piece things together. As far as inspiration goes, I'm pretty bad at reading or looking at anybody else's work, so I've soley relied on my own brain. I guess it comes out... depending on what's going on in my life.

What kinds of issues do you try to get across with your visual art, if any?

It has always been about how I feel, which is pretty general... I just create, and a lot of times I decide [afterwards] exactly what they mean in reference to what I was thinking throughout the process. Most recently, I've been pushing veganism pretty hard. I'll bet it's generally ignored (I wouldn't know, I'm not really looking), but it has always been a form of expression, which I sound like an idiot saying that, because that's what art's supposed to be, always... and I mean, since I was 5 or 6 it's been a coping method, like your average teen rocker or what not, or whatever, just doing what feels best. I may have gotten off the subject. It's just pure expression, and I'm trying now to focus on actual issues, such as veganism and the corrupt world...

probably should've come first, but...
Who is jade anderson, like give us a brief little bio.

Born and raised in Titusville, PA, still here and it's very uncool; no jobs, no culture. But nonetheless, I live here and [always] have, and there's not much to say. I have always been jade anderson, and I have always painted and so on and so on. I somehow made it to my senior year in high school without any trouble. I primarily stayed at my house (I wasn't allowed out of it), so I found some music, not much, and then ART was always number one. I failed high school, after having my daughter, senior year. Then, failed realtionships later, I had my son and bought a house. The house is now falling apart, and I'm selling it for the balance owed. I got my GED and went to the University of Pittsburgh for a semester-and-a-half, then pulled out (but with a 3.0) and resigned from business school.
I am vegan, I quit drinking and smoking after doing it from age 20 to 22, and I listen to loud music. I'm supposed to start at the Art Institute Online in July, but think it's a bad idea... $16,000 the first year and I don't know if I'll ever have a real job to pay the loans. Plus I plan on just disappearing to the woods someday and don't really know what it's worth...

Right, well...
Ya know, I'd love to have a debate with you sometime. (laughs)

(laughs) Okay.

But this interview really isn't the time or place for that.


I mean, I respect your ideas and opinions, I'd just like to have a friendly debate, because your views are so different from mine, and... I don't know. It'd be fun.
And you seem like you could be a good arguer.

Oh, I argue, that's for sure, but I truly see things from all angles and I doubt that me and anybody are all that different. I get it all, I swear I don't know why, but I feel that I do.

Well, I don't know, I have mixed feelings about technology and industry and shit like that.

I am, obviously, and we all are a part of it, but that doesn't mean we should be, or have to be, but it's hard to get out of.

Well it's like, I think it's sickening that kids don't play neighborhood games like hide and seek, and jump rope and shit anymore, they're all too busy texting and playing Xbox live or whatever... Of course, that's also partly due to all of the predators and perverts and shit too, but...

Yeah, WE DON'T HAVE CABLE. That's why I want to go primal and raise my kids in the woods. Teach them what to eat, and how to live, and find happiness without this front that society pastes onto happiness, with cell phones, and new clothes, and Happy Meals -- *pfffff*!

But, would I give up my computer or my iPod? Fuck no! I love music, and I love meeting people online and networking with bands, and creative people, and doing my website... so I couldn't possibly live in the woods, and eat nuts and berries and bark and shit.

Yeah, but I'm to the point where, even though I make a new profile every week or so, and my music collection is out-of-hand, and my cell phone has 400 songs on it, I would give it all up to not be a part of this; all of this. But there's not even anywhere to go.

Plus, you know, I hate bugs... (laughs)

Yeah, bugs are creepy.

The thing is, I'm better at interviewing bands, I've never actually interviewed an artist before.

Where do you start?

I thought we had.

(laughs) Yeah...

But it's not exactly reading like an interview so far.


I don't think so, anyway...


so you mentioned music. what kind of music do you listen to?

All of it.

That, my friend, is impossible.


I know people who have tried and failed.

Believe me, people are baffeled when they look at my collection.

There's an endless amount of music out there, though!

Can I give you like a top ten?


Okay, as of now: Blackalicious, Across Five Aprils, The Avett Brothers, No Cash, Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip, Matisyahu, Nasrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ramallah, Ugly Casanova, and Against Me! OKAY, now that was completely random out of all my music, but I try pretty hard to listen to all of it. I have so many more that feel left out.

I know you're friends with the Meth FX / West Coast Burning...

Yeah, but the Meth broke up.

Yeah, I know. I was kinda sad.

I was sad and laughing. (laughs)

Poor Bowen.
That's two bands in less than a year!

(laughs) Bowen and WCB are going to be fine. They're playing on my birthday, at my house. Join us!

I don't know, maybe. I'd like to finally meet Justin [Bowen] in person, he's a cool kid.

He's really cool for sure, and Scott is my dude.

Yeah, I talk to him on MySpace sometimes, too.

MySpace is one big backyard...

Like a big virtual block party, 24/7.

Yeah, but SOOO much drama. (laughs) I love deleting friends.

How much does music influence your art, if any?

I don't know, it influences my mood for sure, so I'm assuming it directly effects my art. It's not like I think about it. But music is a huge part of my life (and sanity), I just have no talent in that area. I'm rambling. It effects it, I'm sure, but I don't know how.

Any other good "local" bands you like besides WCB?

Well, I have hopes that the Meth FX will be back (not really), and Taste the Steel : CAVE : NEWMEN.

It's weird though. In Meth FX, Bowen sang and Scott played drums, but now they're switched.

Yeah, it's pretty odd. I guess they both must be multi-talented. (laughs) I have a tape of the last show at my house, and John from the Meth FX sang for West Coast Burning.

Wait -- TAPE? Video tape or audio?

BOTH. (laughs) Actually it's video, 8mm, but I don't know how to get it on my computer. It's WCB and the Meth FX.

It's awesome you actually know what a tape is. (laughs)

Yeah, I know what it is, that don't mean I have a tape player...

I do, but I'm old, so...

I have two record players, and an 8-track that doesn't work. No, I'M OLD DUDE. 23 [years old], with two kids, hanging out with 15- to18-year-olds. It's weird. I'm creepy.

Nah, I don't think age matters in friendship...


My friends range from, like, 18 to almost 40, I think.

It's good to have that range, I guess. Ahhh fuck time and age.

You ever go to shows?

I wish. On rare occasion, but I have no sitter ever, and I go to shows to sell jewelry, generally hardcore/Erie shit... Not often.

It must be hard with two youngins... I bet it's worth it, though.

Ah, that's what they say... Yeah, it's worth so much... to know I'm raising them the way I want... I don't really know much else at this point. Never did anything else besides school.

I had a very restricted homelife growing up too, so I understand...

That's cool; well not really, but I appreciate not getting into trouble at a young age, and like, I was in my house 'til I was 18 -- basically didn't leave. Where did you grow up?

New Castle... well, the rural outskirts thereof.

How was that overall? (laughs)

Ummm, it was... different.

(laughs) Titusville was different also. Very dumb. But I'm glad the childhood is over, since it wasn't much of one. I had identity crises for years I think, and I was a recluse for a while... I had to learn how to deal with people. I know myself so well now it's rediculous. I spent years watching people, and I'm probably the most social I've ever been now, which isn't very. Even our music was restricted.

I've only been to Titusville once. Seemed like a pretty happening place. (laughs)

T VEGAS is far from happening! (laughs) Unless you want drugs.

My music was restricted, too. I actually had all of my music and my artwork and writing confiscated from me at the age of 17, everything given to the record store, burned or thrown away.

That's fucked. I burned most my art here two years or so ago, but that's because I'm crazy. Thankfully, my mom didn't do it or I would have freaked.

It's different when you do it yourself...


Actually, it's kind of a cleansing feeling to destroy everything you've created and start fresh...

Yeah I wrote this thing a few days ago that said, "To give birth to thyself as often as necessary, to be reborn, oh to be reborn..." I burn everything. I have almost nothing to attach me to the past, it's all in my head and it's surely not going anywhere. So I rid myself of trinkets quite often.

Would you liken yourself to a phoenix, then?

What is that?

Um, a phoenix is a... hold on.

(a minute passes)


(another minute passes)

Ahhh man! I knew that a phoenix was a bird, and had something to do with fire, but I didn't get it so, THANKS, its rad. And yeah, I suppose we should all be a bit [like a] phoenix.

Yeah, it's great mythology, I like the idea of destroying what you are, to be reborn... I can relate to it I suppose.

Me too. I've done just that,
so many times.

Not necessarily denying the past, or ignoring or forgetting it, just starting over I guess. Realizing it's over, and deciding what the present holds.

Appreciating exactly what it has done for you, and taking that and moving on, to know what has made you the way you are, and to become what you want to be.

I like that.



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