Interview with Sam Sinister (Dead City Dealers / The Disliked)


by: Dan Degenerate
New Castle, PA


I did this interview about 2 frickin' weeks ago while me and my buddy were drinkin', right after he convinced me to join Myspace, I was looking for people to 'befriend', and I found artless Nonculture. But, since myspace is fucking GAY, I couldn't post until now. Enjoy!!!!!!!

Hey I was just wondering if you'd ever let some one interview you for your zine. What do you think?

Ummm... yeah, that sounds alright. Never thought anyone but me would actually wanna do anything for this thing, especially an interview with me. Fire when ready.

So you're in that band the Disliked, right? You guys do alot of shows?

Not really. We do try though.

Why not? You guys ain't too bad, you think youd be able to get some shows or something..

We have to turn down shows alot, or the ones we do end up playing get shutdown or cancelled before we even get there.

Why would you turn shows down?

Either one or more of us have to work the day in question, or it's too far away. We don't have a van or anything, so we kinda load up 2 or 3 cars with instruments and band members. We have played as far as Columbus, though.

That's not very far.

It is for a working-class band with limited means of transportation and no money.

Oh yea, working class. So why do shows get shut down and cancelled an shit?

Because people around here suck, especially the ones who own bars. I can't say I really blame most of 'em though, when you own a business and punk rock isn't exactly the biggest money-maker out there. We played this place in Lakewood about a month ago called The Phantasy. It was a real cool place, sound was awesome, big stage, shipyard theme. We get the whole way there and find out the gig was cancelled. Big surprise. The owner was cool though, this lady named Michelle, she lets us play anyway, even though there was nobody there. And she still gave us twenty bucks towards gas to get home.

So what's this I hear about you singer quitting?

She didn't quit. She's just taking a break. She works alot of hours and has a few health issues, like bleeding from the vocal chords due to her ruthless vocal delivery. You ever heard the sound that comes out of that woman's mouth?

Yeah, pretty impressive. I didn't realize it was a female til I looked at your lineup and everything. so what are you guys doin while she's on her break?

We're actually takin' this time to write some new material under a new name. Our drummer, Ryan, is gonna play second guitar and I'm on vocals. It's gonna be pretty cool.

What are you doing for a drummer then?

I've talked to both Luke from Violent Offense and Danielle from Ugly Customer about doin' it, and both were pretty open to the idea, the only problem is that Luke doesn't have a car and Danielle lives in Zelienople, so it's kind of a hike for her. So we're gonna have her come practice with us once we have some songs written an' shit, whenever she can make it out here, and we'll just give Luke some tapes or whatever, and whoever has time to play a show with us will already know the songs. For the most part at practice Ryan will be playing drums for us, and learning the guitar parts on the side.

Sounds complicated.

Not really, it's actually less complicated this way I think.

If you say so. Why can't the guy from Violent offense just drum for you?

I don't think he can really commit to a second band, especially without a means of transportation.

why don't you just go pick him up?

Y-Town or wherever he lives is kinda far to go pick someone up and then drive him back afterwards. Not that I'd mind, but gas is outrageous right now.

You sound like an old man.

Do you drive, asshole? I'll bet you don't, I'll bet you don't even have a fucking job. Your profile says you're 19, and you probably live with your parents and sit on the computer all fucking day. Idiot.

No, I don't drive, I don't really need to. not that its any of your business.....sorry i'm not a grownup as you, i'm just trying to do an interview with you about your band. but nevermind iguess.

Nah, we can still do the interview if you want. I'm just saying you shouldn't be an idiot. Calling me an old man.

I thought it would be funny. But yea, anyway what's the new band called?

We're kickin' around the name Dead City Dealers. Because New Castle's a dead city, and there's a shitload of drugs here, not that we deal or even take drugs. But it sounds cool, so I think that's what we're going with.

Sounds pretty good. What about that guy Jimmy Bones.

That's another project I'd love to find time to work on. The guy's got some killer lyrics written, and we came up with some music for some of 'em already. I'm also tryin' to get a backing band for my solo stuff, but I think a lot of that is getting used for the Dealers.

Solo stuff? What do you mean??

My songs I record at home with my drum machine and guitar. Go to my profile, it's the other Sam Sinister page on my top friends.

Pretty rockin' stuff. I liked 'Ghetto fab' or whatever it's called. funny stuff

Thanks. Everyone likes that one for whatever reason, that one and "Whiskey Man".

Yea, I liked it.

So is that about it?

Yea, i'll post this on the group page.

That's what it's for. Thanks for takin' the time to do this. Maybe other people will follow suit.

Yea, thanx for your time or whatever. it was cool. later.

--Aug 19, 2007

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