Interview with Zach Scocchera from ACTS OF DEFIANCE


by: Sam Sinister
New Castle, PA


Hey guys. Just for the sake of introduction, state your name and what you do in the band.

My name Zach Scocchera and I am the vocalist. Jake Psenicka plays guitar, Elliot Kiske drums, and Steve Wright plays bass.

How old is everyone?

I'm 16, Jake is 16, Elliot and Steve are 15.

Being so much younger than most of the other bands you play with, how do you think this affects your experience being in a band, if at all?

The experience is all the same, it is just the fact that we are much younger and none of us have a car. This can affect the amount of shows we play and when we play.

Do you feel like you have anything different to bring to the table because, or possibly in spite, of this?

Well, our sound I feel is a little different, because we are a band that is influenced by old school hardcore, and our sound is directly influenced by that music. Most other bands from the area have a little bit of a Casualties style vocal, or Die Kuezen vocals, and have songs in the range of 2-and-a-half minutes, while we are just fast and say what's exactly on our minds in 30 seconds.

What's the inspiration for the titles and lyrics of your songs?

My lyrics really specify on one subject, some songs are written about our town, and how the kids in the town are spoiled. Some lyrics pertain to left-wing politics and socialism. Other lyrics pertain to religous injustices towards mankind, some songs are anti-drug anthems (not saying we're straightXedge, we just hate kids that have nothing better to do). And some lyrics are about me, and [my] frustration.

How did you guys end up getting into punk/hardcore?

Well, I started listening to punk like a lot of kids do, with bands like The Sex Pistols and The Ramones, but by about 7th grade I found the bands
Bad Religion and the Dead Kennedys. I just told my friends and they got into them, and then they told me about bands, and we all found the music around the same time, and fell in love with it.

Who are some of your favorite bands from the area?

Suprisingly, the music from most of the local [punk] bands I do enjoy. The music, in my opinion, with the punk scene is fairly good, it's hard to say though.

So you guys are from Poland, right?

Haa! Yeah, we hear that all the time, the first show we played with most of the other local bands, that's all we heard. "Where are you guys from?", and we would respond "Poland", and their jaws would just drop.

Did you ever in the beginning consider maybe playing something a little more enterprising for your particular demographic, like maybe polkas or waltzes?

Oh yes, of course, the waltz is a very beatutiful form of music. Hmmmm...

Do any of you play the accordian?

Sadly, none of us have the ability to play such a fine instrument.


Sorry, let's get back to the more serious questions here... being from an area known more for its suburban developments and high property values, do you ever feel out of place or maybe intimidated playing with bands that might come from a more lower- or working-class background? And if so, how do you feel about keilbasa?

Well, the thing is, I have always felt out of place when I am around kids from Poland, because I'm from the far outskirts of the town, I live by the PA line and it's always been kinda weird being around rich kids.
But the fact of the matter is we do not feel uncomfortable around other bands from other area's because none of us are arrogant, the others members of the band may have more money than others, but none of us feel that we flaunt any money or any of that, mostly because I have no money to flaunt.

Who are your main influences as a vocalist? Who do you try to emulate, if anyone?

My main influences as a vocalist, if that's what you would even call me, are probably Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat, Greg Graffin of Bad Religion, and
John Weiffenbach of Void.
To answer the second part to your question, I would have to say any vocalist who brings energy to the stage. I could never be some kid hiding behind a mic-stand, I am too outgoing for that. I need to move.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music in the near future? How about in the long run?

In the near future we would like to play more shows. We have all been really busy lately, and the band has suffered because of that. But as for the long run, we do not plan to make a career out of it, because for us it is all about fun, and when it stops being fun, or boring, we know its time to call it quits. But right now it's fun, so hopefully soon we can find some "okay" studio to record us, get more shows, and get a car so we can leave town.

Thanks for your time, fellas. Hope to see you guys play again real soon.

--Jul 26, 2007

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