avril lavigne: "let go"

this album blows

arista records

i just got done listening to avril lavigne's "let go". i have just 3 words for you: boring. boring. boring. she calls herself a punk. well, if she is, her album is no testament to it. this album is total shit. a complete waste of time. my finger never left the skip button. the whole thing was depressing...\

she's never even HEARD the ramones or the sex pistols. she says she was gonna buy a ramones CD "just to see what the big deal was", but then decided against it. what the shit is THAT?!?

this is pop music. allow me to repeat myself: POP MUSIC. the fact that avril describes her music as punk OR rock makes me sick. almost as sick as hearing her voice.

i came acrossed this CD in my brother's collection, and thought i'd at least give it a fair listen. i mean, afterall, i can't go solely on the word of everyone else... i have to suss things out for myself. avril's songs recall just about every other female "pop rock" singer i've heard over the last decade or so: alanis morrisette, natalie ambruglia, sarah mclaughlin, sheryl crow, etc. the only song that even RESEMBLES a punk song is that lame-ass "sk8er boi" single. what a load of crap. i mean, yeah, she dresses pretty cool and i'd FUCK her, but as far as having any musical significance...? she's a big hype, marketed towards 13-year-old girls and other people who are easily swayed by packaging/marketing schemes. FUCK AVRIL LAVIGNE. now if you'll excuse me i have to go listen to the stray cats for about 2 hours just to get back to normal (kind of like taking a long shower after you've just been sexually violated. i feel so dirty).

reviewed by sam sinister.