...thoughts and suggestions from all you beautiful people out there.

I used to think that you were really cool but, now that I get to read about what you stand for i think that i have been a fool. a waste of time is what i call it. you are a load of bullshit and i believe that your underwear are unwashibly brown. you have absolutly no morals and/or feelings towards others. your breath probably stinks real bad right now. you think that it is not giving a shit about what others think but others would call it nasty. ooo ooo I' m Sam Sinister i poop big fucking turds and don't wipe my ass. i intentionally suck on purpose. other people would call you stupid but i call you sweet i would like to sleep with you and all of your friends. hit me back just to chat.
ta~da it was me, Ambierto
Uh...  Okay.  I'm at a loss for words.

Whats up sam.
Sorry it took me so long to reply.  I have been on break from school with no
computer access.  I'll give you Cory's #, but he told me that he probably
wasnt interested because of school and shit.
Take care-
ps.  i am so happy that some people in that shit infested corner of the
world still care about punk rock.  Well, rock in general is good enough in
New Castle.
hey chris,
that's cool about cory, i think we're kinda happy about the lack of bass to our sound anyway.  we kinda sound like the stooges without bottom, haha.  jimmy rearick, our second guitarist, plays nothing but noisy lead through the whole set.  let me know next time you guys got some dates and need a supporting act.  we're up for grabs anytime.  later on, man.
ps:  here's the link for my webzine.  check it out when you get time.

No problem, Sam!
NYC is the best place to live in the USA! You don't need a car, all kinds of
cool stuff and people are here... Enjoy it for as long as you can.
I'm listed in the phone book, so sure, we can get together any time.
-- John Holmstrom
PUNK Magazine


i'm a irish punk trapped in new mexico and living in a police state. i try to cause as much hell as i can around here but u can only do so much. i really love the site you made and if ya write me back, i'll send u a rant i wrote about rent a cops, and i'm using ur irish punk pic for my desktop, its awsome!


The Voice Of World Control,

Jaymes the Scribe

hell yeah, man. write as much as you want. i'm always up for a good read... anyone with some snotty sarcasm gets extra brownie points!!! send a pic too if possible, i'll make a header for your "columns". how old are you, are you actually FROM ireland? hit me up.


hey sam,
love your write up on rock'n'roll
where i come from ( north walsham norfolk england ) punks and rockabillies/teds have been fueding for the last 20 years, i've been telling em the same thing as yourself, but they're all as thick as shit!
i was a rockabilly fan in high school and took no end of shit from "punks", they were following the trend at the time - not very punk in my opinion.
any way thanx for proving there's at least another sane person somewhere,
rock on, dale


Thanks, Dale.  The more and more i read about punks from england in the 70's, the more i realize the difference between them and the american punks.  in new york, they were more or less trying to get BACK to rock 'n roll, whereas in the UK they were basically setting out to DESTROY it.  punks in england (most of em) thought punk rock was a new revolutionary type of music!!!  joey ramone was a huge beatles fan, while glen matlock supposedly got kicked out of the pistols just for liking em!

you know, i've never liked nancy spungen, but she was right on when she said, "Punk started in the sixties with bands like the seeds, and question mark & the mysterians.  punk is just real good basic rock 'n roll... it's not very embelleshed, intricate music... it's just real basic fifties and early sixties rock."  probably the most intellegent thing she ever said.


Subject:  fashion victim's paradise

Hey, I just read some of your DIY suggestions, and they're great. I like to take some ideas and throw 'em together with others to make my own shit, so I loved it. Here's another suggestion for a belt, in case you want it. Just rip off the elastic band on your underwear and safety pin it together. Ta da! Insta-belt. Thanks for the good ideas.


Hey guys,
my name is William.I would like see in your Zine a interview with a gay punk artist from Brazil,named Fernando Carpaneda.Check the artist website: http://corpos.org/fernandocarpaneda/
Dear William,
I looked at the website and I was too scared to contact the guy.  Being gay is one thing, i can understand that.  But the dude busts loads on his sculptures and leaves it there.  I'm not THAT punk.

in your blast on the sweater song, which i happen to worship, you never metioned say it ain't so, no. 7, that's the best (not really), by the way, i luv the sweater song, who gives a f*** about the lyrics, it's awesome and it's been awesome for half a decade, also, pinkerton's el scorcho and maladroit no. 4 (forgot the name) are sweet too

weezer rocks even if you dont like the sweater song, just 'hold this thread as i walk away'
boy, i bet you feel really smart now that you told me off, huh?  i'm so sorry, i'll give that song another chance, even though it's the first song i ever heard from weezer.  but, ya know, the opinion of some high school kid can really make all the difference.  i'll do my best to TRY to like the stuff i really don't enjoy, even if it seems retarded at first.  thank you for enlightening me.
p.s.  i DID mention "say it ain't so", in fact if you even READ the whole review, instead of letting your mind wander about what an asshole i am because i pointed out my reasons for not liking your favorite song, you'd have seen how much i LOVE "say it ain't so", in fact i practically gushed about the goddamned thing.  and, BTW, what year was the blue album released?  94?  95?  that makes it nearly a WHOLE fucking decade.  not half, as you stated.  make sure you know your shit next time you wanna flame me over an opinion i have.  no one is going to like everything you do, and personally i think it's better if you have reasons for why you do or don't like a song, band, or whatever.
oh, and weezer USED TO rock.  have you even LISTENED to maladroit??  you know, the one with "no. 4" on it.
yeah, i've listened to maladroit. i didnt flame, you'd know if i flamed about it, i was letting you know that the bass in the sweater song was the best i've ever heard, so go listen to your rap or nelly, whatever
if you even took a look at my website, you'd have seen that i don't even listen to rap.  i listen to ROCK AND ROLL.  how'd you even find my website?  did you even look at the rest of the website?  do your homework next time before you make stupid assumptions.  did i use words like, "phat", "dope", "word", or "bling bling"?  no.  you are one retarded fucker. thanks for the laugh though.
retarded fucker?  cool
this is an adult reading this and I don't like your language at all.
how was i supposed to know the age of the person writing to me???  that the original email was from a child??  ever heard of FAMILY FILTERS???  so your little boy or girl or whoever it is that i was responding to doesn't read such things???  there was no indication that the person i was writing to was a child.  and why are you reading your kid's email ANYWAY??  ever heard of PRIVACY?
furthermore, your kid's last email in its entirety said:
"retarded fucker?  cool"
i know i know, now you're gonna try to tell me I PUT that filth in your kid's mouth, right?  maybe you oughtta monitor your children's internet activities a little more closely, and then we wouldn't have problems like these.  and furthermore, last time i checked there was something called "freedom of speech" and also "freedom of press".  this is all i have to say.  your child has sent me 3, count them THREE EMAILS in the past week.  i simply replied to them, with the exception of the last one.  you can either, 1:  continue sending me emails for whatever reason (i don't know what it could be) or, 2:  you can end the conversation now and get over it.  makes no difference to me.  thank you for wasting your time.

Sam Hi,

Just been emailed your site address from Dale of The Scapegoats, nice site.

In agreement, I'm 40 ish now and in the UK throughout the late 70's and the entire 80's Punks, were fightin' with Rockabillies/Teds etc.

I was a rockabilly and still am involved in the music scene with shock-therapy our psycho/neo band, has cooled off a lot and about time.



www.shock-therapy.co.uk http://www.shock-therapy.co.uk


Subject:  Re: spenser

well tahnk u for at least trying to give them [spenser] the time of day, im sorry its not ur thing. and i wish u the best in ur journeys.