great punk site run by the one and only Peter Don't Care.  he was around in UK punk's heydays, so take a lesson cos he knows his shit!!!
if you don't know what this is by now, you're fuckin LAME.
there's NO school like OLD school!!!
gabba gabba!  never trust a hippie!  bollocks!
Texas streetpunk site with tons of info on the lone star state's scene.  there's also shitloads of links to sites about US and UK punk, ska, and OI! bands from the 70s to now!
great rock 'n roll/punk site.  making emo kids cry since 2000!!!
lots of great links for zines, scenes, bands, and labels.  the bands directory is a bit cluttered with crap.
"Punk & Roll Search Engine".  like YAHOO! for punks.
Get one. It's fun.
For those of you who think LJ is too "trendy". Go be a fuckin' goth then you little motherfucker.
jokes and cartoons
no, this isn't johnny rottens official website...  it's a collection of disgusting photos for those with a sick mind, twisted sense of humor, or just plain morbid curiosity.
pretty much the same thing as rotten.com.
lots of software to download.  there's plenty of free shit in there, you just have to look for it.
dedicated to the original show, before Nickelodeon fired the creator, John K.
the most honest old fuck you'd ever come across.  i wish he was my grandpa.
The King of All Media!!!
these guys are the reason caller ID was invented.
Kevin Smith and crew make some really great movies. Ever seen Clerks? Or Dogma? Aw man, you haven't lived.
Probably the best stand up comic of the new millenium.
Another great stand up comic. Uses a big Win Lose or Draw pad on stage, plays guitar... it sounds lamer than it is. He's actually really cool.