sid and nancy

alexcox.com: sid & nancy

this movie is BULLSHIT!!! anyone who knows anything about the pistols can smell the stench in this flick from a mile away!!! first off, the geezers they got to play the characters (with the exception of gary oldham as sid) look NOTHING like them! take this asshole doing his worst johnny rotten impression-- where the fuck did they dig up THIS moron?!? he looks like he just got outta CLOWN COLLEGE for christsake! i mean, johnny rotten was a redhead, but not THAT red... he doesn't ACT like rotten, he doesn't dress like rotten, and for the love o' pete, they actually let him sing the songs. it's a cartoon voice-over is all it is. or at least it oughtta be.

i wasn't aware that sid was friends with wally nightengale! well i'll be goddamned!!! and wally looks like part of the BROMLEY CONTINGENT. funny, every picture i've seen of wally he looked like buddy holly. oh well, i guess my memory is going, being in my golden years and all. wow, is that BOOGER from revenge of the nerds playing paul cook? and where the fuck is vivienne westwood? wasn't she a prominant enough figure in the pistols' little circle to get included in this picture? and who the fuck is LINDA?

they never mention the clash, the buzzcocks, the damned, or the heartbreakers; all bands who toured with the pistols for extended periods of time.

here's the topper: sid jumps off stage, swinging at some redneck who's attacking rotten, and the bouncers drag him (meaning sid) away. the movie cuts to a scene at the railroad tracks, where sid is being brutally beaten by hicks. and who comes to his rescue?

superman? nah.

the police?? keep dreaming, buddy.

why NO! it's none other than MALCOM MACLAREN (that stud...)!!! now, if you know ANYTHING about malcolm, the guy was an effeminate pussy. an art fag. but anyway, he walks up, hands clasped together in the form of a gun pointed at the assailants, and they RUN!!! woo-wee!!! now THATS entertainment. then he points his "pistol" at the railroad track, and it makes a richocete noise. end scene.

...WHAT THE FUCK? don't get it. this is the most retarded "non-fiction" movie i ever saw. it's full of second-hand observations, misinformation, and fabrication. oh yeah, i'd also like to once again mention BAD CASTING.

on a closing note: the end of the movie shows sid getting bailed out of jail. outside, after getting the pizza he so badly wanted close to the beginning of the movie, sid meets 3 very young black kids with a boom box dancing to disco. he dances with them for a moment, and then a taxi cab pulls up. IT'S NANCY!

awwwwww, what a happy ending...

reviewed by sam sinister.