the reverend horton heat: "smoke 'em if you got 'em"

sub pop records

i LOVE these guys!!! they remind me of the cramps/stray cats on meth, and i love the album title, too.

for those of you who dont know about the rev, theyre a psychobilly band (high-speed rockabilly with a punk rock attitude) from the early 90's up to today, and they'll rock your fuckin socks off. anything trashy with hillbilly roots is A-OK in my fuckin book.

the first time i heard these cats was some song off their "it's martini time!" LP that was getting circulated on 120 minutes at the time. then i heard "psychobilly freakout" from this particular album on beavis and butthead and i was intranced. this was before i even discovered the cramps.

so i always knew i liked the rev but never thought to buy any of their shit until now, but i think it was a good decision on my part. cos i'm really diggin these songs.

favorite songs are the obvious "psychobilly freakout", "bad reputation" (not to be confused with the joan jett song of the same name), "put it to me straight", "baby, you know who", and "i'm mad".

i really dont know what else to say about the album. the rev, jim, and taz are one of the best trio's in rock 'n roll today or anytime really. if you're into the cramps, brian setzer, 80's stray cats, or 50's rock in general, keep an eye out for this record. and pay no more than 8 bucks!!!

reviewed by sam sinister.