pop punks

jonny kunt

this is an article based on what i choose to say. if you don't agree with it, that's your choice. we all have an opinion, but as you will find out, i hold nothing back. i will be as honest and blatant as possible to have you ponder and second guess what most people tell you. enjoy my rants and take them in stride, for everyone you know, has an opinion.

here's a rant for you: watered-down pop punk. assinine, stupid assholes jumping and swooning little preteen daddy's girl preps with powerpuff girls backpacks. the little bitches that scream, "oh... my... god!!! he is SOOOO gorgeous!"

now first of all, punks aren't attractive, glamorous celebrities. we are the alternative to anything claimed to be mainstream and acceptable. where the hell have you been for the last 30 years, living under a rock in suburbia? fucking retards!! welcome to reality. let's take a look at punk fashion and the choice not to be fashionable...

if you know your history, you will know that punk was the alternative to glamour rock of the early to mid 70's. you know, the alice coopers [actually, alice was pretty cool in the early 70's. -sinister] and david bowie crap polluting the airwaves at the time. new york city and east coast punks' attire consisted solely of ripped up jeans, t-shirts and just regular shoes. basically they wanted to be comfortable and themselves, nothing different.

but in england around '76 to '79, punks were largely favorable of the s&m/bondage movement started by malcolm mclaren's SEX store. the england punk scene was dark and full of pissed off people, as opposed to the east coast punks who were pissed off but also were about having fun.

now not to exclude the west coast punk scene who were justas unfashionable as the east coast scene (if you choose to call them SCENES), and they just basically being the opposite of what was common at the time (and TRUE punks generally still are the same way).

let's see, did you enjoy your little history lesson?

back to the beginning of my rant. i can't stand pretty boy pop punks who think if they rip off green day and nofx they can get rich and famous, thinking that their good looks and fashionable attire (that might i add is not cheap) will get them on MTV's TRL, where carson daly can woo over them with his fucking stupid black nail polish on his pinky finger... screw that gay ass garbage!!!!!

if you think i'm wrong, that's your choice, but if you agree with me, then you're not a 12-year-old blue-haired kid who thinks sum 41 and blink 182 are the best punk bands in the world, over such kickass bands like the misfits, blatz, the ramones, dead kennedys and so on and so forth. learn your shit if you honestly love punk rock and all its inceptions, whether it's '77 style or new school hardcore punk or even pop punk, but don't rule out the originatorsof the genre, because i'm sure most genuine pop punksters would prefer mr. t experience over blink any day.

well i gotta get goin, living my boring ass life in BFE [Bum Fuck, Egypt] located in northwestern pennsylvania, where the catholic conservatives lead with their secrets hidden and amish meninites gallop throught the streets to the local giant eagle supermarket, where they can enjoy electricity for a whole hour. HA!!!

if you have any questions concerning this rant contact me through here. if you need to bitch at me at telling the truth, it's understandable and i'll read it and laugh at you. and as i reply, i'll try not to be a complete asshole.

peace, anal lube, and chicken grease. i'm out.

later internet punks and alien abducties.

jonny kunt, AKA "the love machine"