tilt: "play cell"

1993 Lookout Records #71c


Lets begin this review like this, Tilt is one of the best bands currently on Fat Wrecks Chords. This, I think, is one of their last releases on the California-based pop-punk label Lookout (well, MOSTLY pop-punk. they also have some hardcore, streetpunk, and surf bands on their roster. --sinister), known mostly for early Green Day, Op Ivy, Mr. T Experience and the Queers (don't forget the screeching weasel! --sinister).

This release is chalk full of greats songs. [Tilt is a] stripped-down, female-fronted punk band. The lyrics are great and straight to the point. There's a couple of slower songs, but they all end up being punk as fuck. Some of best songs are "White Homes", "Dead Bum", "Play Cell", "Locust" and "Yellow Bellies". Cinder Block's singing is great and snotty as hell, not to mention sexy as fuck (Nevermind that its just causing me a boner in the process of listening to it..haha!!). The music is pop-punk with an edge that most bands forget about, not the most solid playing but catchy as hell. When I first had this CD I found myself singing along without really knowing the lyrics, and the second time around after losing [my tape], it's still just as catchy as it was back then. If you're a fan of their later releases, check out "Play Cell" and their older early releases as well. They're a pretty great fucking band.

Later Cyber Punks and Witness Protection Program Protectees. Enjoy the listen...


Reviewed by Jonny Kunt, a.k.a The Dancing Circus Monkey.