you're an IMMIGRANT??

I recently read an article entitled "Immigrants, not Americans and Canadians, must adapt". I'm not going to write out the whole thing for you to read [although if you want to, send me an e-mail]  but I will sum it up in a few words for you: everything I expected from an American.

There was a number of references to September 11th, the American and Canadian flags, anthems and motto's. But beyond the sickening patriotism evident in such allusions and sentences that read "this culture has been developed over centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom" [and, no, I won't get into the politically correct terminology used or the pondering question of "who's trails and struggles??"] there was the ever present bias opinion of a upper class, white male.

After stating that he [the author] was not against immigrants an that most of our North American population are descendants of immigrants, he bluntly went right into telling those who don't conform to western culture to leave. Now, maybe it's just me, but I recall a moment while studying history and propaganda movies of the early 1940's when North American's were proud of the fact [and he also mentions it him self] that the United States and Canada were made up of many cultures from around the world. Each, upon arrival, did not shed their culture, life style, religion or language. There wasn't a North American "life style" to conform to at the time. Each person, regardless of where they were from, was able to lead a life without the pressure of becoming anything they weren't or didn't exist.

In comparison to the past, today's North Americans now believe they have a right to change any immigrant [who dares come here to live] into the American or Canadian ideal. If unwilling to compromise or change, there's no sweat off our backs, they can just go home. However, on the other side of the world in their homelands North Americans have stormed in forcing western culture and ideals on the very same people, forcing them to change from their "barbaric" ways or are killed.  Where's the compassion you speak of, oh democratic patriots??

If the author of this riveting little article is out there, I really hope you've thought out your argument well, because it doesn't stand. Not to those of us who see the desperate lives of these immigrants you toss to the curb like trash, in their homeland and after arriving here and [definitely] not to the very people you speak about.

--> kit [aka bombshell]