The decay of The DK's: I can smell it all the way in TEXAS !

PUNKS Learn Litigation? Hmm... well, I scanned thru this interview. First part with EBR and ending with BC.

Bahhh!!! I do not like reading bantering bouts between interviewers and interviewees! Okaaay, here's my thoughts: We all know there was no honour amongst Punks (kinda like Thieves eh? One in the Same!)

I have a confession. I never really liked The DKs. The only song I really liked was Too Drunk To Fuck cause I could relate to it!

Haha Okaaa Yea Jello is a liar and a cheat. And noone knew that through all these years?? You guys in the band LET him cheat ya... Why? And now you wanna whine about it! Yeah, he shoulda been fair, but you shoulda been savvy enuff not to let him get over on ya (which I suppose you eventually were). I never thought politics and punk were a good marriage. But thats what punk hatched from supposedly. I like to think we were all just Bored Teenagers. So when bands like The DKs came along, well I just went HUH? OK! Whatever. I had already seen it done in the 60s and got bored with that.

Now after scanning the Biafra section, it sounds to me like a bunch of Political Cutthroats (Thieves) not unlike many of our Politicians. Maybe youre in the wrong business boys! What happened to FUN??? I will tell ya.


MONEY gets in the way and changes people & makes em vicious (I NEED MORE) hehe! I consider The DKs latter punk. after the originals. I mean I really think the Bands from England had valid complaints. But here in America? gimme a fuckin break! Opportunity is at our feet here, all we have to do is reach down, pick it up and nurture it (Then and Now). As far as The Band with Brandon Cruz fronting, we all know it isnt the original DKs but I bet the new band puts on a good show too.

Fairplay in Punk? Ha! I Laugh At That! Every contributing member of that Band was/is entitled to their fair share! Send some of that Money my way Boys I need a Holiday in Cambodia!


(Anybody Really) P.S. in '82 it was $6.00 at the door! That was alot then.

say CHEESE motherfucker!!!

(to see what exactly what erin is ranting on about, go here.)