weezer: the blue album



i had a dog once named weezer.

i remember the first time i heard weezer. i thought they sounded like nirvana... which everyone around '94 DID. it was the video for "the sweater song", and i loved the song. the video was different (which pretty much ALL of the band's videos are). after hearing and seeing the video for "buddy holly", i was hooked.

i went out and bought this CD soon after. and I DID NOT GET IT.

it was way too foreign to me. it just didnt sound like anything else i had heard. at that time i was listening to alternative radio (which by '94 had more to do with metal and grunge than punk and indie), i was into metallica and soundgarden. this was like nirvana meets the beach boys. but the nerd look the band had made me keep listening.

after all... i was a nerd, too.

but let's talk about this record. it's brilliant. the production is awesome. the guitar alone gives them a sound like no one else has. that's the thing i think that set weezer apart for me personally, the guitar just sounded so... umm, BIG. the back up vocals were like the beach boys, but weezer doesnt sound like the beach boys like the ramones sound like the beach boys. it's a completely different angle. it's hard to explain, you'd have to hear it to see what i mean.

it sounds so "poseur" to say this, but the song that made them big, "buddy holly" is still my favorite. the music and lyrics are perfect. it's like the nerd anthem.

"the sweater song" is stupid. if this is your favorite weezer song you're fuckin lame. the lyrics are dumb, the party background voices sound like college retards. it's too slow. what else do i have to say to make you see it?? it's LAME, fucker!!! stop listening to it! NOW!!! please?

thank you.

i like "no one else" too. that's my 2nd runner up i think.

okay, wait. there's another one on here that's kind of like my own personal "stairway to heaven". you know what i mean, rockers all think "stairway" is like a religious thing, right? you can't even talk through that song or theyll start crying. well, "say it aint so" (and "crimson and clover" by joan jett) is my own "stairway". it's one of those mellow songs that calm and mesmerize me. it's like a sacred thing, ya know?

and lastly, "holiday" is one of those songs you blast in the car and sing along with the windows down. the rest are good too, but the 4 songs i mentioned are the real "saviors" of this album. otherwise it would just be one of those "alright" records.

it's a shame that i lost tabs on these guys during my p.c., anti-MTV, left-wing, naive, psuedo-communist, animal rights activist, peace-punk days. theyre really a great rock band. and i have so many good memories of listening to them.

just give 'em a try. might not be your cup o' joe, but hey, it's better than CREED, right?

reviewed by sam sinister.