weezer: "maladroit"



well, i put the CD into my CD-ROM drive and i get a computer software installation prompt. fucking geez. after figuring out just what had happened and how to exit out of it, i pressed play.

what the fuck?? this is metal. this isnt weezer!!! it's the singer from weezer, but... lemme try the next song.

okay, i've heard this one before. "dope nose" had a video i think. i know "keep fishin'" did. that's a good song, and it's track 3. let's go to that one.

this is good stuff. have you seen the video? it's alot like "buddy holly", only instead of the happy days crew, it's the muppet show. FUCKING GENIUS!!! i grew up on the muppet show, it used to be my favorite show. i used to drive my mom nuts asking her if it was "on yet", haha.

then one day alice cooper was on it and it scared the shit out of me and i never watched it again.

most of these songs are crap. there's even a song that sounds like the cardigans. it's aping metal and overly-poppy feelgood shit, and it's just not very easy to get through. the only songs i like are "dope nose", "keep fishin'", "slob", and "possibilities", the last of which is actually a punk song. i don't like where weezer has been heading, and i think this is pretty much the last straw for me. don't expect any good reviews from me on any of their future releases.

reviewed by sam sinister.