torcha shed: "it's fuckin torture '94 - '99"

cult status records (peter don't care)
this was NIHILISM ON THE PROWL's Peter Don't Care's band during the mid to late 90s.  great stuff (mostly).
this is a collection of all the tapes recorded from 1994 to1999.  the first four tracks are from nihilism on the prowl, the EP pete took his website's name from.  great stuff!  the production is also excellent.  plenty of "stereo-compatiblity" for your headphones.
the next three songs are awful.  they take some scanning to get to once the tracks themselves start, and then it's not that great anyway.  not their best material.  recordings suck too.  the snare drum is annoying.
then its back to the good shit.  i like "shark", with the bubble sound effects in it.  "quasimodo" is my favorite song on here.  both songs are on here twice, different recordings.  the second version of each is a far better recording and version.
some of the songs' intros are a bit too dynamic for me.  but the songs themselves are worth waiting for, really good riffs and lots of energy with enough snot to plug a nostril!!!  pete's a great vocalist.  plus theres a cover of the ramones' "commando" at the very end.  its great how cartoony pete's vocals sound on this one.  he sounds like a drunken irishman!  it's fuckin classic!
other gems here are "gabriel's hounds", "meet me at the george bar", "torture", "alice through the windscreen", and a cover of the sex pistols' "satellite".
this is overall a streetpunk album.  if you dont like UK '77 style punk youre bound to hate this.  but i think it'll be in my CD player quite frequently for the next couple'a months.
pity they split up.
reviewed by sam sinister.